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I joined the college network to get my as degree in nursing, a advisor came to my house and talked for 2 hours about how great their progam is and how they help people earn their degrees. I paid a down payment of $200.00, but put on check "for June 20th".

The advisor assured my this was no problem and they work with everyone, etc. Of course, my check was cashed right away, I'm broke, I called them and their attitude was "so what, what can you do", so I told them to cancel my contract, they refused and added they will sue my if I don't pay. These people are after your money only.

AVOID AT ALL COSTS (And I mean this very literally)!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $200.

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AVIOD THE COLLEGE NETWORK! This company calls me repeatedly. The man that I talked to on the phone knew my full name, birth date, phone number, address, college interests, etc. This company has atleast 11 numbers that I know of.

Here's a list of numbers affiliated with this company:












I too contacted the college network. I did this via email and the same day they called me and stated they just happened to have someone that could come to my house the very next day.

The guy, who now no longer works for the company, came to my house and told me all of these great wonderful things about the college network. The major problem is that he neglected to tell me that it was going to cost me much more than I expected. First, he told me that my clinicals would only be 375.00 and this is saved in a voice mail on my phone, when in fact, it costs 1950.00. He also neglected to tell me that Excelsior college was about another 5000.00 or so.

He also did not give me some sort of paper that was printed longways according to some lady at the college network that contained this exact information. I have called them and tried to talk with them. I have called the credit union and they referred me to college network. Now, I have this credit union calling me about paying this loan that they were not willing to talk with me about in the first place.

Do not sign anything that has to do with the college network.

It is all just a big scam to get your money. They expect you to pay back a loan that you are not using for anything because the college network says so.

Mount Airy, Georgia, United States #129651

We are collectively building a class action case against The College Network, Inc and potentially the credit unions involved. Anyone interested in being included in the suit please forward your First and Last Name, the state you live in, email address, and a phone number you can be reached at.

Also include the Name of the Credit Union your manuals were financed at. If you submit your information make certain that you have the relevant paperwork from college network to prove your eligibility for inclusion in the suit. Copies of those forms will eventually be needed by the law firm representing us. The law firm will request those documents directly from you, do not send them to me.

As of right now we are getting a head count of how many have been effected and the state they reside. My wife was scammed and I am paying a Class Action firm here in Dallas to analyze our case for eligibility under Federal Jurisdiction as a national class action suit. Send info to

Remember to include the state you live in as this will determine the type of class action suit we are able to file. Please spread the word as we want to aggressively get this going.


Dear Suzanne,

After reading your complaint I became quite concerned with some of your claims so I decided to do some research on your account.

Our recordes indicate that your deposit check was not deposited until 6/20/08 as you had requested. Our records also indicate that on 6/25/08 your deposit check was returned for insufficient funds.

Additionally, I see that you have 2 defaulted contracts with The College Network. We would be more than happy to provide you with documentation supporting our position.

If we can answer any questions for you, please contact Academic Support.



The College Network

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