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Contact the complaint with your Attorney General.What company is electronically withdrawing funds from your account,contact that state also.After the Attorney General investigates contact all your state representatives.Don't stop. Gather as much documentation as you can get.Contract,statement of account,program advisor who sold you this ungodly mess.Let them know what you have paid.I stopped payment,but that is something you have to decide.Military looks at things a little different,I am hoping to get the word out to all medical military detachments accross the U.S..My credit will be ruined,but it's well worth it.Contact yor State Board of Nursing and listen to what they have to say?

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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To ssgwife...Thank u for your advice..

I contacted bbb and att gen fl and waiting for response.

Now, u said u got an agreement with tcn, may i asked what is it if u dont mind, and how long did it take before getting that agreement?Thanks in advance


To mr d barett.The email address does not work.

Pls provide a valid email add.

I am interested to join in.Thank u..


Can anyone tell me who these people are?

My girlfriend is tied up with some financial obligation with them and can't get out of it now even though she never took any classes...

I'm so frustrated.


Mount Airy, Georgia, United States #129643

We are collectively building a class action case against The College Network, Inc and potentially the credit unions involved.Anyone interested in being included in the suit please forward your First and Last Name, the state you live in, email address, and a phone number you can be reached at.

Also include the Name of the Credit Union your manuals were financed at. If you submit your information make certain that you have the relevant paperwork from college network to prove your eligibility for inclusion in the suit. Copies of those forms will eventually be needed by the law firm representing us. The law firm will request those documents directly from you, do not send them to me.

As of right now we are getting a head count of how many have been effected and the state they reside. My wife was scammed and I am paying a Class Action firm here in Dallas to analyze our case for eligibility under Federal Jurisdiction as a national class action suit. Send info to

Remember to include the state you live in as this will determine the type of class action suit we are able to file.Please spread the word as we want to aggressively get this going.


At this point,after contacting the BBB in IN. and my state Att. General.I have come to an Agreement with TCN(UNLESS) additional problems arise..


I owe the college network over five thousand dollars...I didnt realize they were only basically a book company and misrepresented themselves as an actual lpn to RN program. My credit was ruined also and now I have rude creditors calling me regarding this debt all of the time..

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