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i am very interested in a class action lawsuit against the college network if anyone knows more information on this please let me know. i dont want to give my info out but i will check this posting/website daily for more info.

the college network really sucks and they really misled me. now it makes me feel better that there are people out there that are on the the same situation as me.

if we all come together and put the college network down then we will put a stop to them once and for all!! thank you and i hope to hear from you all

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I was scammed back in 2012 right after I passed my LVN State Boards in California. The College Network (TCN) told me that for $10,000, I could take all my prerequisites online through TCN & that they were transferrable to Indiana State University (ISU) where I was told I could get my BSN at by taking online classes.

NOT! I found out that ISU had no affiliate hospital in CA that I could do my clinicals at. So my parents gave me $10,000 to pay off my unsecured TCN loan. Then I attended West Coast University in CA to obtain my BSN.

I attempted to go after TCN, but got no where with it. I would love to get my parents' money back, but I doubt I will since TCN is insolvent.


Ive been studying and paying College Network more than 12,000 US$ They approached me in Nevada when I was working as a nurse there. I'd been interested in suing for my money back!!!


I signed up in 2010 here in Oklahoma before they let me known I couldn't cancel after 3 days. I called and called and called.

I never started, never took any test. They started garnishing me a month ago. I can barely make ends meet. I filed a complaint with The Oklahoma Attorney general.

They have notified me today that they can't help. What should I do? Please help?

Anyone in Oklahoma or nearby state affected? Dorleye@yahoo.com


The College Network has effectively "ghosted" me and apparently shut down quite some time ago. They owe me over $1,000.00 in test fee payments (I paid all up front, they refund when I pass a test).

They had become increasingly difficult to contact when finally, after I sent them my latest transcript, it was returned to Excelsior College (where I was to get my degree through) due to them no longer being at the address.

I have just given up. Tremendous waste of money.


I am in the process of looking for an attorney to stop the garnishment of my wages from a college network agreement that - I did not receive the services of college network and I will retire before I pay for something I did not receive... Harper.annam@yahoo.com


I need help!!! I'm in Oklahoma.

They started garnishing me a month ago. I can barley pay my rent!! Anyone get a lawyer?

Has anyone ever won? Contact me dorleye@yahoo.com 405-314-3591


Please someone put me on the list for a lawsuit against the college network. taccoleman50@gmail.com


Please can anybody help me with information with the lawsuit against the college network they ripped me off and stole my money


I have a few questions my self. Have not gotten any support and not takes a test or finished a study guide let alone a practice test.


I am also interested in a class action lawsuit against College Network. My wages are being garnished and I never attended one course.

I am not allowed to attend any classes until the loan is paid in full!

This sucks! Do you have any advice?

Please contact me kathleendavis162@yahoo.com


I am definitely interested in a class action suit. My email is shardaejeff@yahoo.com


As a matter of fact I'm looking to start/join a class action suit against the College Network. What a scam!

How have they been able to be in business this long? Despite not being able to guarantee admission into any university, the Program Advisor

misleads consumers into the false belief that by entering into the purchase agreement with the College Network, they are also enrolling or being guaranteed admission into the university, when they are not.

The student loan payments made to the third party credit unions can not be claimed on income taxes.


did you start one ? I also am trying to get my money back they just keep talking in circles .


I am interested if there is a group filing a lawsuit, if not I'll be filing a lawsuit by myself. For fraud, deception and bully tactics.

I have no health insurance and can barely purchase groceries, but their Dispute Resolution Committee reviewed my case at TCN and say they will not cancel.

I intend to use my position contacting all nursing classes in the st Louis area to warn them about TCN. Done with TCN in Washington, MO


please put me on the list , mesc529@gmail.com


is there a class action yet? pls let me know, I would like to signup. gracepaul4eva@yahoo.com


I am currently being harrassed by the College Network myself for payment. They are calling me and my employer at all waking hours threatening to garnish my wages and telling me business to whomever will listen .

I dont understand how they can make you pay for a service that you have not/are never going to use? How is any of this legal?

The contract is misleading and was never fulling explained to me and I have contacted a lawyer about this.


I haven't made much progress with them either and I have been paying each month, I checked my saved email and my contract was deleted, if anyone has any information on what I can do to get out I would love to hear from you. jennreinthias13@gmail.com




I asked for my first check in October 2014...After numerous requests by phone and by email...this is March 31, 2015...and still have received nothing...I also have to pay the money to a credit union each month...I have fulfilled my part of the deal..they have not...

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