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this program is nothing but a big scam with alot of fradulent promises i caanot believe they are still in business does anyone out there know what to do about this company, very frustrating to have to pay for something i did not use. they send my account to collections damaging my credit and on trying to call for customer service you can hardly ever get a hold of anyone. during signing up they promised a tutor which they are not able to provide, we work hard for our money and for the tune of 5,200 the service should be satisfactory.

Monetary Loss: $5200.


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Please include me as well TCN

is a scam!!!

to kristin Brockway, Pennsylvania, United States #597189

I too have been scammed by this company, I have called our local tv station and asked them to do a story on this company in hopes of getting my money back. If I can get enough people from PA to join me maybe we can DO something?


Please add me to class action lawsuit if it ever comes into being.


Any victims in the State of NY?Want a support group to talk about this.


The more complaints about this company, the better.I think the media is the best resolution.Keep exposing their scamming tactics.


Add me to the list!SOOO frustrated.

Has anyone started it?I live in California and can't believe these predators!


Another LPN fallen victim to this company.I too want to be part of a class-action lawsuit if one comes up.

They sued me and garnished my wages because I told my bank to close the account. When they called me to court they didn't even show up.

So I called them to make payment arangements, I didn't pay one month and they garnished my wages.25% of my paycheck.


Im from Texas, and if there's EVER a suit against TCN, SIGN ME UP!!!They are a joke, scam, full of lies and a big rip off.

Im still paying for something Im not getting, only because it's being taken from bank acct.

automatically every month, otherwise, I wouldnt pay it.Contact me


I have also been scammed.I am apparenty in collections for $5000+ but if they "sue" me I will owe $17,000.

I'd like to participate in a class action if it opens.Thanks!


I am in San Diego, Ca..PLEASE include me in the information regading a Class action lawsuit....


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