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Test check

by Leotha

I was given an email address of to get information about how long it will be before I receive the test check for College Algebra. I spoke with April today, 23 Feb 2018, and she said that she put in the request for the check, but I needed to contact someone at this address to find out when to expect it.

I was told that it would take approx. 6-8 wks for my Gerontology exam fee, but it ended up taking over 6 mths to get the check. Stipulations are that a student must take the test within 6 mths of scheduling exam, so I ended up paying out of my own pocket, which I was already paying a ridiculous amount for the services, so I was not a happy camper at all! I am praying that this check will come in a much more timely manner!

Can someone please email me to let me know when to expect it so that I can schedule the exam?

Thank you. Sherry Trenda

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