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I am new to this site. I read most of the comments about The College Network.

Has anybody even tried filing a lawsuit agains TCN?

Has anybody successfully gotten a refund by filing a complaint through Dept. of Consumer Affairs?

Please let me know.

I am so far successful with most of my courses. I just found out that I am paying so much for something that I do not have to pay for besides actually taking the exam.

I am looking forward to your replies. I am going to attempt to get my money back for this.


Monetary Loss: $15000.

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I am interested in a lawsuit . Am being hit with a wage garnishment by a company that bought the loan from TCN.

I cancelled with TCN 6 days after signing the contract and they told me I would still be responsible for the entire amount because i was outside of the 3 day cancellation period. Mind you, I wasnt a licensed LVN at the time I signed it. And still am not licensed.

I have no idea what to do. If anyone has any information on this please email me at Cedrina2002@yahoo.com


Has anyone heard anything yet? I'm so over paying $200 every month.

Anyone in Georgia file a complaint with the Attorney General? I just want to stop pay. I tell We Florida Financial every month that this is so hard for me to pay bc of a service that is fake and its a horrible scam.

They act like they don't have a clue what I'm talking about but they do!! Need this stopped ASAP!

to Hannah #1572197

I live in Georgia. After years of writing the Georgia attorney General and Indiana Attorney General and the BBB, I was finally advised to seek private counsel when the Indiana Attorney General informed me that TCN filed Bankruptcy.

I reached out to an attorney in Indiana but advised me that I needed an attorney in Georgia so I got an attorney in Georgia who wrote a letter to LifeWay Credit Union. No luck there. I went back to Indiana attorney list and found a Great Attory. He was not free but I stopped payments to Lifeway so TCN was not getting my money anyways.

I have a settlement....please do not stop. This is what TCN wants and the loan companies.

They are wanting people to give up hope and to cont making payments for services that you can no longer receive. Cont fighting.


I tried filing small claim but out of state could not file. I have been getting run around each time called TCN


Hey everyone there may be hope for us yet. I just found out that the New York attorney general reached a settlement with Southeast Financial Credit union to pay out 2.25 million to nurses in New York who lost money with TCN.

Apparently under federal law Southeast Financial Credit Union is equally liable for the financial losses caused by TCN. I'll attach the article. Write to the attorney General in your state to go after Southeast Financial Credit union for your money. If you are in California you can claim up to 10k in small claims court; tale Southeast Financial Credit union to small claims.

Attached is the article.Let's get our money before Southeast Financial files for bankruptcy . :https://ag.ny.gov/press-release/ag-schneiderman-announces-settlement-credit-union-financed-phony-academic-services.

to Sarah #1528670

Thank you for the info!!! I've been struggling for months/years to at very least get my exam fees returned, and they don't even respond to my emails.


I would like to refund my money as well.


Maybe a lawyer should file lawsuits against the financial institutions that gave loans, I am sure they were in on the scam.


Has anyone ever filed a complaint in NH against The College Network? I too signed up and pay monthly for the LPN to RN program and have wasted my money!


I'm down to one payment of 8000.00 to We Florida Financial , and I'm not able to use this mess. I want in on lawsuit actions.

I could have been giving this to Nelnet. Oh, now I can't log in to the site.


If they filed for bankruptcy, shouldn't our accounts be stopped? Or is it because they sold our loan off they get off without consequences and we have to continue to pay????

I've taken five classes with Excelsior and not used college networks "study material" for one. It's not helpful and I can't get ahold of the company so I gave up with them, but continue to pay $180 a month with a 15% I test the last 5 years.

Worst mistake I've ever made. Horrible scam.


TCN has ceased operations and filed bankruptcy. I have contacted the BBB back in 2016, but TCN attorney never replied, I have also contacted the Indiana Attorney General and she informed be that there was a class action lawsuit but back in 2016 it was to early to tell who would be included in it. Since they have now filed bankruptcy, there will be no chance of getting any refund.


I'm interested in Class Action Suit against The College Network. I am paying $9000 to Southeast Financial Credit Union.


Ibwas taken to court by tcn and lost and now pay out of every check the 10000 I reportedly owe them for absolutely nothing.




I am very interested in a lawsuit against the college network. They stole more than $10,000 from me. If anyone has any suggestions, advice, or starting a class action lawsuit against them, please let me know.emily.kennedy92@icloud.com

to Emily #1459757

Has anything become of this? Is anyone still filing lawsuits?

I paid close to $10,000 not knowing that they were not affiliated with Excelsior and I don't know where to go from here I don't know if I should even attempt to begin his glasses or chalk it up as a loss. I would like to personally get involved in a lawsuit so that this doesn't happen to other people. Can someone please update me as to what they are doing about their situations?

email. Lpnamie@ hotmail.com please

to Emily #1460263

Class action I don't believe you get MUCH back. I am very upset. 10,000.00 plus


If anyone else is filling a lawsuit, I am interested on joining a lawsuit against college network.


Is anyone filing a class action lawsuit? I haven’t received anything from them besides the first book and have to pay or else they’ll report me to credit bureau.

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