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I am new to this site. I read most of the comments about The College Network.

Has anybody even tried filing a lawsuit agains TCN?

Has anybody successfully gotten a refund by filing a complaint through Dept. of Consumer Affairs?

Please let me know.

I am so far successful with most of my courses. I just found out that I am paying so much for something that I do not have to pay for besides actually taking the exam.

I am looking forward to your replies. I am going to attempt to get my money back for this.


Monetary Loss: $15000.

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I am still paying my lpan off from the college network. Ive been paying for the past 4 yrs. If theres a way to get my money back id love to know.


How do you get added in this lawsuit? I had initially defaulted, and my account went to collections, I was told that when I completely paid it off that my account The College Network would be unlocked and I would at that time be able to access and work on my Degree.

I have been paying $100/mo, for the past 4 years. I contacted the law office that I have been making the payments to and asked them if they would be willing to settle, but I wanted to ensure that it was not only satisfying my debt but that I would be able to utilize what I paid for. I was told that they only deal with the finance and I would need to contact the school... so before "settling" I try to contact someone at TCN...

and to my surprise I learned that they are closed, and no one seems to know what to do or who including the law office that I have been paying every month. What can be done. I dont want to continue paying on it, but there is a judgement...

and really I would like my money back. How can I be added to the lawsuit????


I wasn’t aware of this! How may I enter this class lawsuit?!


I too have been scammed and wondering if any information was received regarding this. Tina


They are garnishing my check as we speak and the law office that got the case is under bankruptcy...


Hello All. I too have been scammed by The College Network.

Any news on a lawsuit? I never attended their program, I never received any material. We all have been lied to, money has been stolen, credit has been ruined. These people are low class fools.

I guess it's the latest thing going---scamming people out of money then some "collection firm" suing people. Shame on them! One would think our justice system would be tired of idiots like them. Frivolous cases.

Please contact me if anyone files a class action suit. annawarfford@gmail.com .


Same thing is happening to be. They got a judgement against me and I still have all the material they shipped me in the original packing.

I never used their service and they wouldn’t take the books back.

Now they say I owe them 14,900 and they are taking me to court again next year ten years after the judgement to double what I they claim I owe them. I just don’t have the money.


I have been paying off the 10,000 they sued me for and won. It has been about four years now and I recieved nothing for my money. clayton_north@yahoo.com


I am interested in joining a law suit. They garnished my wages for a year.

I never received ANY product from them. Never even got a book.

It would be nice to get that money back. Email me at chrystalnd4@gmail.com


Have you become a part of any lawsuit yet? I have been trying to contack the school regarding my classes and cannot get anyone to answer. Tina


I would also like to be added to a lawsuit against The College Network.


Does there happen to be a class action law suit going around? I want my money back too! They lost their accreditation in California shortly after I signed up.


I enrolled with TCN several years ago. Had to pay double through Excelsior For the BSN program. I would like to get information if there is a class action law suit.


I too would like to be added to the lawsuit. I have been paying for this program for 5 years and still owe thousands.

On top of that I went through an online program in which I had to pay for. i do not even use the material from The College Network. Before signing up with The College network I asked a lot of questions and one being.... Do I need to sign up with you in order to attend Excelsior college?

They told me YES. This is definitely a SCAM!!!! They are only out to take people money. I even contacted We Florida Financial and asked if I somehow was able to come up with extra money, how could I pay their loan off.

They told me there is no way to make extra payments or pay it off in one lump some if I did not hold a personal account with them. I will try to contact the Attorney generals office, I hope it is not to late.


Please let me know how I can receive my money back, I got a loan that was 12,000 and that was paid off and they never paid me for my tests which I paid into . I would like to be included in class action suit. Megan


Saw this in an article from last April I hope its not too late! i will be calling myself.

In the coming months, the Attorney General’s office will be mailing claim forms to consumers who are potentially eligible to receive a refund pursuant to the settlement. Consumers who have questions about the settlement can call the Attorney General’s consumer helpline at 1-800-771-7755.re


Did you receive anything? What state was that in?


I have two test exam fees that they owe me. How do i get my money back???


I am still making payments for this *** How is this possible? If anyone has any answers on how to stop making these payments please email me at sharpnfit@gmail.com


Please let me know if anyone knows any information. I too, wasted by hard earned money on these scammers.

Please contact Sanchez. Karla856@gmail.com.

It would be so nice to be reimburse, and maybe attend a real school! Thank you

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