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Ok so thinking that "hey cool college online" but also was stupid and naive at the same time, The College Network scammed me. They aren't a real college!

None of their crap transfers over. You can't CLEP test using their stupid useless materials. Sure the rep.that comes to your house makes it sound like a dream come true all while they scam you out of several hundreds of dollars a month for crap you print out which you waste your own ink and paper. IF YOURE STUCK IN THEIR STUPID ENDLESS PAYMENT PLAN, CONTACT THE BBB!!!

I had to contact the BBB and finally after 3 months of showing the BBB what useless crap they fed me, they made the payments stop BUT my credit got dinged! WTF. So I contacted the BBB again to correct that ding and all was good. They also made me sign some BS fake disclosure to keep my mouth shut about their SCAM!

Took the disclosure to a REAL lawyer to find out it was a FAKE! So don't believe their threats! Change the card information you gave the college network or out stop payments on it...let your bank know it's a SCAM and they will gladly help you stop them at no charge and contact the BBB.

Don't contact the college network, they will threaten you, lie to you, etc. Do what I say because I was scammed for real by them and this is how I saved my butt and money from their crap scam.

Product or Service Mentioned: The College Network Program.

Reason of review: College Network is a total SCAM!.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Just informing fellow people who were scammed by them. I already had a solution. The college network is a scam!!!.

The College Network Cons: Scam, Everything about tcn is a scam.

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Fuck y

Total scam! I hate the college Network

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