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Update by user Jun 03, 2013

I no longer have any issues with TCN. It looks like the California Board of

Registered Nursing did not decide that ISU's nursing program was illegal, but that the

Board did not have jurisdiction over ISU's nursing program, which caused temporary

issues for TCN's customers in California.

Update by user May 10, 2013

Pissed consumer keeps deleting my newest comments, so if you've responded to me before and I've contacted you, for the newest updates, you can email me

Update by user Apr 24, 2013

Stating this because I know people from TCN are reading this- I never signed anything stating that I wouldn't speak about my case, or warn anyone else of the destruction TCN is causing. I confirm that everything I am saying is not slander, but merely truth in its entirety.

Update by user Apr 23, 2013

Found out today that TCN filed for an appeal so they are wasting even more of my time by us having to go back to court. The cabrn website still shows ISU as an unapproved school.

Talking to lawyers now. Will keep this posted.

Update by user Apr 19, 2013

Emailed TCN waiting to hear back. Also sent a letter to the Indiana state attorney general, and the California state attorney general. Will keep this updated.

Update by user Apr 18, 2013

Tomorrow marks 30 days that TCN has not paid me back, even after the judge ruled in my favor. Back to small claims I go to file for further action.

This just goes to prove that TCN is not a good company, does not stand behind what they advertise, and they act in bad faith.

I have given a handful of people the steps that need to be taken to file small claims and each are in the process of filing and getting court dates. Until TCN's wrongs have been made right, I will not keep my mouth shut.

Original review posted by user Mar 22, 2013

Beware!! TCN is not a good company, nor do they practice in good faith.

If you have signed up, and ARE in California, do not for one second think that there is nothing more you can do!!! File small claims against them for all monies paid and any remaining balance on your loan, and YOU WILL WIN. It is a direct breach of contract, just look on the back of your contract, it states that if you can show proof of non admission into the Indiana state university's LVN-BSN program, you are entitled to a 100% refund. First the monies will be used to pay off the remaining balance on the loan, and all remaining monies will be paid directly to you.

You can use a filing company called, you pay $209 and they do everything for you. How do I know this?

Because I myself did it. And the judge ruled in my favor.

Review about: The College Network Program.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #770499

Dear Customer,

The ISU LVN to BS in Nursing degree program through Indiana State is accredited.

Please contact Customer Support at 1-800-634-1443 for the most up-to-date information regarding your educational study program.

Vacaville, California, United States #761359

I'm being sued by roth recovery for not paying the loan for college network. Please give me any info you have do I can fight this cost of $8000 for the Lvn-BSN that's not accredited. Thanks

Rowland Heights, California, United States #687055

My husband is in the same boat please email me info @ thank you

Pittsburg, Kansas, United States #663450

I am paying TCN and have never even taken one test, the whole program is a joke and im stuck paying $5000. Very interested in lawsuit or ways to get money back. Please email me @

La Puente, California, United States #644697

I am being sued by Roth Recovery in California. I need help as to how to defend myself. I can't afford an attorney.

to ? San Diego, California, United States #644719

Sorry, I'm definitely not an attorney, nor do I know how to help people being sued. I only know my current situation. Sorry, and I wish you luck.

to ? Windsor, California, United States #649687

I too am being sued by Roth Recovery in California. They have now started process of garnishing my wages.

Want to know something interesting, however? I was never served with court papers! Yea, can you believe that one? I do have an attorney.

I'll keep you updated. I plan on taking the College Network to small claims court, as soon as I get these other people off my back.

to Anonymous #653379

I know a great attorney- please leave me your email address and I will give you their contact information

to ? #653382

Like I said below, I know a GREAT attorney- just leave your email address and I will contact you


Whoever called *** on my post- is 1) someone from TCN or 2) someone who doesn't want their money. If you're one that doesnt believe me and doesnt want to fight for their money then good, I don't want to help you. I'm here to help those who want help getting their money back.

to TCNisawful Irvine, California, United States #629526

Hello I am very interested in suing them. I am in the same position as everyone else.

Please e-mail me with more information on how you went about the process. Thank you.

to TCNisawful Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #645482

I believe you..I'm very interested in a class action lawsuit, please email me thank you and good luck

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