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I would like to be reimbursed as well. I joined in 2007 and was told this was accredited.

I was also told this was a life time guarantee so I could do at my own pace.

I wasn’t able to start in 2007 but recently want to pursue it when I pulled up there website it’s completely different then what I signed up for and now to find out I payed all that money in full and it was for nothing. Please contact me if there’s a class action lawsuit

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Same with being that I am ready to start (they have been paid in full), I am not able. Cost has gone up and they want more money.

I lost quite a bit with them and want reimbursed. I want the opportunity to work for my degree, like I paid for. Otherwise, I should be reimbursed.

Please contact me if a claim action lawsuit takes place. I definately want to be part of it.

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