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The College Network - LPN TO RN

Company The College Network
Product / Service College Network
Location Massillon, Ohio
Category Education
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Monetary Loss

talked my daughter into an LPN to RN program--how easy it is-- asked for the entire cost of her education up front Support was terrible.She was only able to pass one course and now we have to py back the entire loan.

This is a scam. I am going to contact a friend who is a lawyer who likes to take on scams!

Now that they want 100 words, I will repeat that the College Networlk has an agreement with Southeast Financial to get young girls to buy into their loan program. They give no support to help you pass their courses.

My daughter met several people who are paying off debt they owed to this outfit because the course were too hard. To have to pay up front for the whole amount is our fault that we were scammed. The rep from College Network was so smooth. He acted like he was so easy.

I am sure he gets his commission from the up front loan. I am going to contact a lawyer who likes to take on a cause and investigate this scam.

I feel so badly for these young nurses they take advantage of.I cannot believe that these young people and their parents are taken advantage of. 2ef5532

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Jun 18, 2013 
I am currently in the lvn to bsn program and its going great I do not encorage anyone to do this who is not very self motivated! You have to study everyday and be dedicated the whole point of online classes is its on you! So all of these complaints are all about money why did you not do you research before you had the college network come over! I hate it when people play the pitty party role take responsiblity for your own failures!.and there acedimic support team is great! Maybe you should try actully try calling then before you post dishonest comments!
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Feb 12 
If your are so self motivated and dedicated. Why haven't you learned to spell correctly (acedimic, actully) and use proper sentence structure??? "failures!.and"
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Feb 16, 2013 
Um, if your daughter failed her classes, that's her fault. You still need to pay back the loan.
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